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Mid Columbia Car Club

Adopted 3/21/2000


ARTICLE 1: Purpose

The purpose of this club is to promote the restoration, preservation and enjoyment of antique, collectible and special interest vehicles.. It is intended to provide and regulate family oriented events, tours, rallies, show and meetings for its members. It is hope that these activities will encourage members to share their expertise and experienced in working with autos. It is to help in parts location and to promote legislation favorable to and defeat legislation harmful to our hobby


ARTICLE 2: Members


Section I: Application Any person may apply for membership in Mid Columbia Car Club (MCCC) who shall be in sympathy with the interests and purposes of the club and he/she must tender dues with his /her membership application.

Section II: Types of memberships

A. Family membership – This includes adults and minor children of a member family in one household. It confers full voting rights for 2 adult members of the family. “Adult” shall be defined as one of legal age to drive.

B. Lifetime membership – May be bestowed by vote of the membership to any member of MCCC, for service to the club. Lifetime membership confers full voting rights.

Section III: Dues – Annual dues will be in the amount set by the membership, due each January. Any member who has failed to pay his/her dues within ninety days after they have become due shall cease to be a member. Such person may, however, be reinstated to the membership when all dues are paid. First-time members only joining after July 1 shall pay ½ the annual dues.

Section IV: Expulsion – In addition to expulsion for non-payment of dues as provided in Section III of this article, any member may be expelled and his/here membership terminated for:

  • conduct which the members shall deem to have disturbed the order, dignity, business or harmony of the club,
  • or to have impaired its good name, good will or prosperity,
  • or to have knowingly violated any rules and regulations of the club that are in for at the time of the infraction.

Section V: Reinstatement of expelled members – No member expelled from the club may be readmitted to the club as a member until at least 1 year has elapsed form the date of his/her expulsion and unless said readmission is approved by a 2/3 vote of the membership present at a duly constituted meeting.


ARTICLE III: Meeting of Voting Members

Monthly Meetings

There shall be a meeting of members and guests each month at a time and place agreed upon by the membership. For the purposes of this document and in order to conduct the business of the club a “duly constituted meeting” shall be defined as a monthly member meeting, attended by a minimum of 20 members, including at least 3 officers.



Section I: Number and duties of officers

  • President: The President will officiate at club meetings, cast the deciding vote in case of a tie, arrange for mail pickup on a regular basis, be the official club spokesperson, encourage club activities and promote the club.
  • Vice President: The Vice-President will fill in as acting president in the president’s absence and assist the president when needed in execution of the duties of his/her office.
  • Treasurer: Will collect dues and other funds, issue receipts, write the necessary checks to path the financial obligations of the club, maintain club checking account at a local bank, complete annual audits as required by the state and report the current balance at the monthly meetings. All checks shall be countersigned by another current officer not related or in the same household. In the event of the dissolution of the club, all assets of the club will be distributed to recognized charities.
  • Secretary: The Secretary will report and prepare the minutes of the monthly meetings and supply copy of the minutes to the editor to be published in the monthly newsletter. The previous month’s minutes are to b corrected or approved as published at the next month’s meeting. The Secretary will also perform all other secretarial duties of the club, including preparing correspondence for publication or mailing, and keep and updated roster of members in good standing.

Section II: Eligibility – All officers must be members in good standing. Any officer who fails in his/her duties as set forth in Section I may be removed from the office in which they were entrusted by 2/3 vote of all members at a duly constituted meeting. Such action may be taken only after notice of intent is published in the newsletter. Any member holding an elected office, upon ceasing his/her membership shall also terminate the term of office for which they ere elected.

Section III: Method of election:

A nominating committee will be chosen at the September meeting to see out members would be willing to serve as club officers. The committee will include volunteers approved by the membership and will present the membership a list of all candidates for each office. The list of candidates will be published in the newsletter prior to the election. Election of officers will take place at the November meeting, by secret ballot. New officers will be installed at the December meeting.

Section IV: Resignations and Vacancies:

A: Resignation – Any officer may resign by giving notice to the membership, the President of the Secretary. Resignations shall take effect on the date of such notice or at any later time specified in the resignation.

B: Vacancies – A vacancy in any office because of death, resignation, removal, or any other cause may be fill for the un-expired term by a majority vote of the members present at a duly constituted meeting.

C: Succession – No President of Vice President shall serve more that 2 consecutive terms in office.


Article V: Person Liability

Liability shall be limited to funds and property of the club. The members and officers of the club shall not be personally liable for any debt incurred by the club. Further, the club shall not be liable for any debts in excess of $100 incurred in its name by any member, office, or committee without prior approve of the membership.

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