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NEW FLASH:  U-HAUL NEEDED TO HAUL THE LOOT HOME:  On Saturday, June 15, 2013, club members traveled westward to attend the Hood River Nazarene Church Car Show. The day was perfect as there was just a slight breeze (not the normal gusty wind), the temperature hovered in the mid-80’s and the club was treated to a FREE hamburger/hot dog barbecue with all the trimmings. What more could you want? Some of the ladies ventured out to follow the yard sale signs that were spotted nearby on the street by the church. Larry Renard had a difficult time finding his wife Debbie in the crowd. Fortunately, there were many MCCC members who clued him in as to her whereabouts. There were a total of 31 cars entered in the show, 19 cars were exhibited by  MCCC members and there were 8 winner’s collecting awards from the Mid-Columbia Car Club.  A great turnout, a great time, gracious hosts, good food, and lots of awards!
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