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June 18, 2013

President Steve Hudson called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM at Spooky’s in The Dalles followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. INTRODUCTIONS: David & Audrey Haynes of Bickleton were introduced as our guests of the evening.  GOOD of the ORDER: None tonight.  TREASURER’S REPORT: Kathy Shebley-Kilian gave a report of the Club account balance with all bills paid.  It was moved & seconded to approve the report as given.  Motion passed.  MINUTES of the PREVIOUS MEETING:  A motion was made to approve the minutes of May 2013 as printed in the June edition of the Cruiser. Motion was seconded & approved. CORRESPONDENCE:  A number of flyers for future shows had been received & were discussed in the Upcoming Events portion of the agenda.  MEMBERSHIP REPORT:  Dale Coles reported 108 members with 50 plus members in attendance tonight.  Dale requests email addresses from anyone who is not already on his contact list.  HEARTS & FLOWERS:  Donna Keller is continuing to improve & still has a big smile on her face.  Bob Peickert & Melody Hudson, both in attendance tonight, had recently visited OHSU for brief stays & we’re glad they’re back. TECH TIPS/SHOP RECOMMENDATIONS:  None tonight.  RECENT ARRIVALS: Dean Jones has acquired another Studebaker.  CARS & PARTS FOR SALE:  Earls & Bishop still offer cars for sale.  See the Cruiser ads for info. EVENT REPORTS:  Nineteen cars were entered in the Hood River Nazarene Church show with 8 winning awards.  Kiser’s, Vollmar’s & Stroh’s attended a benefit show in Vancouver, WA. Bishops attended a big (over 300 cars) show in Woodland, WA.  Mark Fortin told about the Sherwood show limited to 500 vehicle entries, & thought it might be a good show to attend next year as a group.  A few members attended shows in Wasco & Echo.  UPCOMING EVENTS: David Haynes gave a presentation about the Aug. 31st show to be held in Bickleton. Shows on June 22nd included LaCenter, WA, John Day & White Salmon.  Several shows are slated for July 6th; North Bonneville, Goldendale & Fossil.  Coles will again host an ice cream social at their home in Dallesport on July 4th, for watching the fireworks display on the rivers’ edge. CRUISE the GORGE REPORT:  Mark Fortin passed around sign-up sheets for manning the barricades for the closed cruise from 7 to 9 PM on Friday night. Also, sign-up sheets for judging at the show on Saturday were passed around.  The CTG committee is still working on dash plaques & goody bags for show entrants.  Another reminder was given for Club members to submit their entry application prior to July 15th, in order to display their vehicles in the Club area at Sorosis. John Kiser reports that approx. $1400 worth of tee shirts has already been sold.  The next CTG meeting is set for July 2nd at the Griffith Motors Honda dealership & each Tuesday thereafter for July, as well as Aug. 6th.  OLD BUSINESS:  None. NEW BUSINESS:  None. DRAWING:  First name drawn was Leon Kinner who was not in attendance tonight.  Second name drawn was Bert Bertalot, who was at the meeting, & the winner of $40.00.  ADJOURNMENT:  Meeting was adjourned at 6:40 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lorraine McCurdy, Secretary    

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