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Three members from MCCC attended the June 8, 2013 Martin Luther King Elementary Car Show (Kiser’s, Stroh’s and the Vollmar family).  The small caravan headed northward on scenic Hwy SR14 to Vancouver.  There were 45 exhibitors at the show.  The Kiser’s claimed 8 raffle prizes from the 20 tickets they bought (Mega Bucks here we come!). The weather was perfect:  in the mid 70’s with a slight breeze.  Eloy Castro was chosen by the Vollmar’s as our “Thumbs Up Award” winner for his 1948 Hudson Commander.  This modified beauty sported a 500 Caddy, 400 Trans, air suspension, tint windows, 9″ rear, com clip, fabulous dash and interior, and stereo with 9 speakers.
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